Herald Technology is proud to partner with the following vendors:  We pride our selves in helping you purchase the exact equipment that you need.  Usually a purchase at a discount store ends up being too few or too many features that are unneeded.  Our price for equipment on the same specs should be very competitive

ACER:  Acer Computers is one of the top 5 computer manufacturers on the market today.  Their systems are well built and the components are engineered for peak performance and reliability.  One of their highlight products are their laptops.  We have many Acer systems in the field today.  They have proven to be reliable, requiring very little service.

Hewlett Packard: HP has a wide variety of products, as everyone knows.  We have chosen HP since they have competitive price point products, that help us to compete at the superstore level.  So don't just go to the local depot or order over the phone, we can provide competitive pricing and still give the service that they can't.

Sonicwall: We provide the full line of Sonicwall Products.  They manufacture, commercial quality network switches, firewalls, routers and other devices that help make your network more secure and virus/spam free.

Microsoft Corporation: As a Microsoft Partner, we can help make sure that your company’s software is licensed properly.  Microsoft has innovative software solutions that are the backbone of your business and we can recommend the right solution to achieve the maximum return on your investment.

Grisoft: Virus protection is one of the keys to the safety of your network.  Our experience has shown that Grisoft's AVG product is superior to the other big names in virus protection today.  We have installed AVG on systems currently running other well known products and immediately found viruses previously undetected by them as well as increasing the performance of the computer through lower resource utilization.

Dell: Dell servers are powerful and they have lots of options to fit any installations needs.  They are quick to deliver and usually come pre-configured so minimal preparation is needed before delivery.  We have a reseller agreement with Dell, so your order from us yields you the same price as direct order.  Let us help you decide which product is right for you.

It is impossible for every decision maker to understand what software or hardware is best for their network.  So you must choose an expert that you trust to help you make the right decision.  We have chosen the above vendors based on our extensive experience working with a wide range of client systems. We believe them to be “best of breed” solutions, and have selected them after careful research and deploying them first in our own business.

Herald Technology